Using another brand's products in your commercial photographs

As a fashion company selling accessories, can I post a commercial photography on my ecommerce website which would show one of the items I sell next to some other famous branded item/s with their logo on? Is it legal? In a way it is using other branded item in your photos, but on the other hand I am not sure why this would be illegal if these branded products are just photographed next to products I sell.. Could someone explain please?

Example: I sell watches (my brand) and post a picture on my ecommerce website with the watches on the same photograph next to a famous Louis Vuitton handbag with a popular logo or next to other famous and popular item with a logo which everyone recognises – is that legal? 

Another scenario - what if a customer sends me a photo (and gives permission to use it) wearing one of my watches but also wearing a famous CHANEL handbag on the same photo.. Can I use it on my commercial website or social media?

Also, if it is not legal on your ecommerce, would it be legal to post that on company’s social media platforms?

I will really appreciate any replies!


Yes, this can be a legal problem.

First, under trade mark law, this could be an infringement.  See s10, in particular 10(6) of the Trade Marks Act 1994:

The comparative advertising rules may also be relevant. See:

Second, there can be copyright problems.  See my blog post on the subject, here:

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