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I am freelance electronic engineer and try to find a job by UK recruitment agency. They find me a job in Austria for 3 months contract 55E/hr 40hr/w (25/02/2016 - first contacts).

On 03/03/2016 pass the interview with the company, - on 08/03/2016 15:30 got confirmation that XXX like me and the recruiter send me the contract with all financial conditions to sign and return 9 March 2016, to start on 14 of March in Graz Austria (09/03 17:35 the recruiter send me the complete contract with all positions details - starting date, manager, .... And I decided that everything with the Job is OK, so I started to buy plane and bus tickets and accommodation. I suppose to start to work on Monday 14/03 - very short logistic time at all...

And and at the evening of 10/03, after a few technical questions I got this:

"Good afternoon. As mentioned in my previous email, I was awaiting to give you the green light as I was awaiting further information.

XXX have actually decided to work with internal resources for this position, so I am sorry but they will no longer be moving forward with offering you the position."

My question: may I claim some compensation for the expenses – flight and bus tickets and something else? 

Sorry, I'm not able to help with this particular question.  I'll delete in a few days.

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