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A few days back my TV, broadband and line rental provider called me up to offer an upgrade on existing tv package. I clearly mentioned that I didn't want to get tied into a contract as I was considering other options. His reply to that was that I would not get tied as this package would be cancellable with a month's notice. I was still reluctant so he dropped in a broadband upgrade for free without informing that this had a long term contract tied to it, and without considering my original request for not getting tied into a contract. Further at the end I again asked the representative to confirm whether I would be tied into a contract. I remember that he very slyly responded that I wouldn't by upgrading the TV package and at that point it did not occur that I need to confirm about broadband. Recently when I wanted to exit their service I was notified about the contract. They further told me that they would have sent me a written communication regarding it. I am not sure about any such notification as I generally don't pay attention to any marketing materials unless I know that I am going to get something important.

I feel cheated in this incident. Could you please advise what should be my next steps?

Thanks and kind regards


If I were in this situation, I would write to the company's complaints department explaining the history, and pointing out that their actions don't seem to be consistent with their obligations under consumer protection legislation, and in particular under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008.  See:

If that didn't result in a postive response, I would consider looking into the legal situation in more detail.

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