Web advertising and marketing agreements

Each of these legal templates can be downloaded from one of our ecommerce websites. If you click on a template link below, you will be taken to the relevant page on the relevant ecommerce website. We are planning to make all of these documents available on this website before the end of 2012.

Terms and conditions to govern the operation of a web affiliate programme.


Template agreement to cover the provision of website-based advertising services.


T&Cs to cover the provision of website-based advertising services.


Website contributions that are not paid for may be regulated by this document.


An agreement between a web publisher and a contributor.


A standard-length template agreement to cover the provision of web-related marketing services.


Standard T&Cs to cover the provision of a range of web marketing services.


An agreement to govern content creation and sharing partnerships between websites.


An agreement to govern the ongoing provision of search engine optimisation services.


A terms and conditions template, with accompanying proposal skeleton, for SEO services.



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